Our Vaccines

Vaccines stimulate the body’s immunity

The human body has the ability to defend itself against germs and to protect the most important thing in life: health.

Over time, our immune systems learn to recognise and eliminate viruses and bacteria; but we usually acquire immunity only by getting sick at least once, first. Depending on the disease, the consequences of this first illness can be serious.

Today, vaccines allow us to effectively stimulate our immune defences at all ages and for the long term, before a germ strikes.

Mankind has sought to stimulate immunity for centuries

For thousands of years, mankind studied the body’s immune defenses. Science allowed us to understand the mechanisms behind these observations and to develop modern vaccines to preserve health.

Thanks to visionary scientists such as Louis Pasteur we can today prevent many serious diseases once suffered and feared – rabies, smallpox, polio, and measles amongst many others.

The health benefits and future promises of modern vaccines

Vaccines are preventing a greater number of serious diseases from ever taking hold.

Today, vaccines can already help to prevent certain cancers. Tomorrow, research can lead us to vaccines which can help to prevent other serious and stubborn infectious diseases such as HIV and Malaria.

Researchers are also using vaccine technology in the pursuit of personalised medicine. One day it may be possible to stimulate the immune system to control and even stop the spread of cancerous mutations, Alzheimer’s deteriorations, and other malfunctions within the body.

A Choice for Health

Nobody likes getting sick, which is why we all try to establish good preventive health habits, such as washing hands, eating right and exercising, as much as possible.

Getting vaccinated is another choice each of us can make to help support and protect our health and that of our families.

Please talk to your doctor to make an informed decision about vaccination.

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