Sanofi Pasteur MSD Italy awarded as “Company of the Year”

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Sanofi Pasteur MSD Italy awarded as “Company of the Year”

On June 24th, 2016, The International Award Le Fonti®, sponsored by the City of Milan, Lombardia Region and the European Commission, awarded Sanofi Pasteur MSD Italy as “Company of the Year”, among the vaccines companies,

for innovation and research experience in developing new vaccines that will improve the acceptability and effectiveness of vaccination in Europe and for the high level of scientific excellence, integrity and commitment as the keys of Sanofi Pasteur MSD success.

Each year, in the prestigious building of Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, this significant Italian prize awards the excellences for innovation strategy and social responsibility.

The International Prize Le Fonti® is a periodic event, founded to select the excellences of the professional, financial and industrial sectors. The International Prize Le Fonti® belongs to the international prizes IAIR AWARDS® ( ) and is sponsored by the European Commission.

For Sanofi Pasteur MSD Italy, it is the second award from Le Fonti®, already awarded in 2015, giving to Nicoletta Luppi, General Manager, a special mention as “CEO of the Year” for their results and commitment in favor of Italian Public Health. It is a recognition of value and visibility that will further strengthen their positive reputation with their customers and their trust.

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United Kingdom AMR Review Report on the role of vaccines in the AMR fight

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On February 11th, 2016, Vaccines Europe welcomes the report on “Vaccines and alternative approaches: reducing our dependence on antimicrobials” (AMR), published today by the UK Government-commission O’Neill AMR review. The report addresses in a clear way the fundamental importance of the role that vaccines can play in the global fight against anti-microbial resistance.

The evidence collated and reported in this regard in the UK AMR Review’s report is of paramount relevance for Sanofi Pasteur MSD as it corroborates and builds on both Vaccines Europe and Sanofi Pasteur MSD position messages on this issue. The report will hopefully draw attention on the role of prevention and vaccines in the context of the AMR global discussion and help including this aspect into the updated national and supranational action plans being launched at present.

This report describes in a very clear and compelling way the fundamental contribution that not only new vaccines, but also a better use of the existing ones can have to promote a reduced and more rational use of antibiotics.

Vaccines Europe published a press statement available on their website :

Andrea Rappagliosi, in his capacity of President of Vaccines Europe commented : “This is the first time that a report evaluates in such a comprehensive manner the value of preventing infections in the first place when addressing the problem of antimicrobial resistance. This paper will hopefully trigger a broader discussion on the type of actions needed in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, including a better use of existing vaccines based on the evidence we have available”, he concluded.

Formed in 1991, Vaccines Europe, represents major innovative research-based vaccine companies operating in Europe which account for a large share of human vaccines used worldwide.

Sanofi Pasteur MSD welcomes the New Vaccines Europe Brochure on “Vaccines, a tool for spending smart”

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On January 25th, 2016,   Vaccines Europe published a new infographic that illustrates in an user-friendly format, the fundamental contribution made by vaccination with regards to Public Health, to Economic Growth  and to Health and Social Equity.

Vaccination certainly constitutes one of the most cost-effective public health interventions implemented worldwide to prevent morbidity and mortality associated to several deadly diseases. As often noted, however, vaccination has become victim of its own success. Today, growing hesitant behaviour and complacency towards disease are putting at risk a proper implementation of the National Immunisation Programmes across the EU Member States.

As a result, over the past years, Europe has been experiencing a worrying surge in cases of vaccine-preventable diseases. Such a situation puts avertable strains on healthcare systems, as the necessary vaccines and infrastructures to deliver the programmes are often in place but remain suboptimal in their use. This represents a gap, as the investment in cost-effective vaccination programmes must be seen as instrumental to protect individual health on the one hand, but also to contribute to healthcare systems’ sustainability, societal welfare and economic growth on the other.

The Vaccines Europe infographic, exclusively based on peer reviewed publications, provide an effective tool to address the economic and financial dimension of the value of vaccines and immunisation programmes in Europe.

The leaflet is available on Vaccines Europe website :

Formed in 1991, Vaccines Europe, represents major innovative research-based vaccine companies operating in Europe which account for a large share of human vaccines used worldwide.